Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Seesaw Photos

Please find 1-2 photos from our trip.  Post them to your seesaw.


Make sure you add information to explain:

  • where you were 
  • what you were doing
  • what you have learnt

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Hutt Central 150 Years - Have a look!

Hutt Central School 150 Years

There is a site especially for our 150 Year Jubilee

There has always been some uncertainty as to when Hutt Central School started...

Monday, 12 September 2016

Similes and Metaphors

Here are some of our ideas...

As playful as a cat
I am talkative like a chimp
I’m an aggressive lion
My smile lights up the whole universe
I am sporty like Hanna
Sleepy like a sloth
I am a fast cheetah
I’m as slow as a turtle
I’m a loud lion
I’m as weird as a rhombicosidodecahedron
I am a creative artist
I’m a strong rhino
I am as flexible as a worm
I love my family as much as a spider and all its legs
I am a curious cat
I’m brainy like an elephant
I’m a brainy elephant
I’m as intelligent as a velociraptor
I am a sporty
I’m tall like Nikan
I am a rock
I am a chimpanzee
My head is as confused as a psyduck
I’m as hungry as a hungarian
As lazy as a hyena
I am as hungry as a hippo
I’m as smart as a dog
I’m a confused cat
I’m as bored as a starfish
I’m a happy emoji
I am as sleepy as a sloth
I’m as sweet as sugar
I’m a light feather
I’m a flexible spider
I’m smart like an elephant
I’m a smart elephant
I am as fast as a scooter
I’m lazy like a sloth
I’m as fun as a ferret
I’m a skinny stick
Brown chocolate skin
I’m resilient like a turtle
I’m a small bat

I am as tired as a turtle
I'm as busy as a bee

Sunday, 4 September 2016

He Aha Te Wa?

He aha te wa?      or     He aha te taima?

Kua rima karaka. It’s five o’clock.
Koata pāhi i te ono karaka. It’s quarter past six.
Hāwhe pāhi i te waru karaka. It’s half past eight.
Hāpāhi i te toru karaka. It’s half past three.
Tekau meneti ki te iwa karaka. It’s ten minutes to nine o’clock.
Rima meneti pāhi i te toru karaka. It’s five minutes past three o’clock.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Jump Jam for Star Jam

Jumpjam 4 Star Jam
Remember a gold coin tomorrow to receive your coloured band.
Let’s support young people with disabilities, while promoting health, wellness and inclusiveness within our school communities.  All funds raised support StarJam’s programmes throughout New Zealand to support young people living with disabilities.

Thanks Isabelle for this great poster

Great questions to ask at the dinner table, and at other times...

Great questions to ask